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Algae Oil

Vital omega-3 fatty acids in their (only!) effective form

The spiritual development of modern man took place over thousands of years as a fisherman and gatherer. The high performance of our brain thus became at the same time dependent on the vital substances, which are found in a unique composition in fish and seafood. In particular, the aquatic omega-3 fatty acids contained therein are an essential brain building material and form the essential basis for countless hormonal agents that are essential for our health.

The widespread idea, on the other hand, that omega-3 fatty acids from vegetable oils (such as from flax, canola and nuts) meet our needs is based on a historical misconception.

This means that the whole of humanity is facing a global problem: due to an increased demand of now well over 7 billion people, the resulting overfishing and simultaneous contamination of stocks through environmental pollution, the basic supply of these effective omega-3 fatty acids is no longer assured.

As a result of this deficiency, mental developmental disorders such as ADHD, as well as depression and Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, cancer and countless other common diseases are on the rise.

But there is a solution: vegan algae oil – that also fish and sea food meet their needs. This new food is available and today and can be produced sustainably, free of pollutants and in unlimited quantities. This closes a serious supply gap.

Algae oil is the original and only vegan source of vital omega-3 fatty acids in biologically effective form.