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Alzheimer Therapist’s Network

The following physicians and therapists offer the ATnN

Physicians and therapists who want to implement the ATnN concept will receive access to a therapy guide and many other useful documents from me upon request. I do not guarantee the quality of the implementation of the ATnN by the doctors and therapists listed here, nor for therapeutic measures that do not belong to the ATnN and may be offered.

International ATnN Practitioners

Country Postcode City Doctor/Health Practitioner
Denmark 6270 Tønder Sabine Harren
Harren Naturopathy Pratice
Italy 39100 Bolzano Dr. med. Cristina Tomasi
Specialista in Medicina Interna - Angiologia; Osteoporosi; Medicina Ortomolecolare; Antiaging
Switzerland 3011
Martin Perren
Homeopathic Practice
Switzerland 4302
Pascale Hägler
Irlene Schwegler
Dementia Counseling
Homeopathic Practice
Switzerland 5072 Oeschgen Elisabeth Michel-Nanz
Physiotherapeutic Procedures
Switzerland 6340 Baar Dr. med Simon Feldhaus
Specialist in General Medicine, Certified Naturopath, Certified TCM Therapist
Switzerland 6340 Baar Dr. med. Volker Schmiedel

You will find an overview of all therapists in the German-speaking countries who work according to the AtnN concept on our German Webpage